Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Yoropiko Hungry Dragon denim jeans

Yoropiko Hungry Dragon denim jeans

Yoropiko by Martin Yat Ming super exclusive limited edition, vintage cut raw selvedge denim jeans Embroidered Hungry Dragon, super exclusive limited edition Dark indigo raw selvedge denim, vintage cut Removeable 18k gold rhodium finished copper waistband and fly buttons Gold metal thread embroidered belt loop Deer skin leather patch on waistband Black velvet embroidered logo presentation bag SKU-YORO9094

Evisu SHOOS Mens Velkuza White/Green Leather Shoes

Product Description

  • Star printed toe bumper

  • Quilted suede center panel

  • Suede heel overlay

  • Evisu logo side embellishment

  • Padded tongue and collar

  • Smooth lining

  • Cushioned removable samurai printed insole.

  • Shock absorbing midsole with heel counter

  • Flat traction rubber sole 

  • NEW $145 Evisu SHOOS Mens Velkuza White/Green Leather Shoes US 13 / UK 12

    Saturday, January 9, 2010

    Evisu Rebrands With Party For Downtown Set

    Scott Morrison and Carlos Quirarte — both aforetime of Earnest Sewn — are now afraid things up at Evisu. And they kicked off a cast check by bringing out the city set and agitative the old Jane Ballroom army Monday night at Evisu's anniversary Party (right down to Jane bouncer Lyz at the door).
    The cast that was already hot abundant to be rapped about by Jay-Z but absent its way in contempo years alleged in advice from New York air-conditioned kids Todd Selby, Matt Kliegman, and Harry McNally to advice arouse the denim. While "it girls" in the army like Ally Hilfiger, Bonnie Morrison, Chrissie Miller, and Sabine Heller were told they would accept to delay until next ages for the barrage of the new women's line, guys in appearance such as Alexander Olch, DJ Matt Creed, and biographer Darrell Hartman all absolved abroad with a new brace of the re-branded Evisu jeans.
    In its accomplished incarnation, Evisu was a avant-garde of the exceptional denim trend, paving the way for the $200 pairs of jeans in food today.
    "Evisu was one of the ancient innovators in the exceptional denim acreage if it launched about two decades ago," said Morrison, who co-founded Paper Denim & Cloth in 1999 and Earnest Sewn in 2004. "This is an agitative and actual different claiming for me as I'm demography an iconic cast with one of the a lot of apparent logos in the apple and blame it in a new administration with a absolutely new collection."

    Evisu Jeans ReLaunch

    Evisu Jeans is now re-launching its cast with a new accumulating for men and women (from $150 to $700 a pair). The accumulating pays admiration to the roots of the cast and will focus on the quality, craftsmanship, and actuality that fabricated Evisu the IT jeans in late-90s, if there was a continued cat-and-mouse account for the 12 pairs that Barneys accustomed anniversary month. Evisu was aswell the aboriginal denim cast to advertise in accumulation for over $100 a pair.

    Evisu Jeans’s new accumulating will be accessible alone at Barneys in November 09 - And starting in January at Fred Segal. The re-launch initially includes 3 collections for men and women with no 2 pairs of jeans alike:
    - Evisu Jeans ($150 to $198)
    - Evisu ($198 to $265)
    - Private Stock: ($600-$700) Replica quality, one-of-a-kind pieces, duke corrective logo and numbered. For this band craftsmen use assorted techniques to actualize altered account (e.g. burns application cigarette lighters, duke corrective buttons etc.)
    - Cleaner architecture contrasts with the attending of afflicted duke corrective logos that were a amount eyes of Evisu’s architect Hidehiko Yamane.
    - The logo of the cast has aswell gone through a progression consistent in a added attenuate form.
    “Replica Movement”, hand-painted logos and alpha of exceptional denim
    - In 1980s, best denim was approved by collectors about the world. Especially in Japan, best denim enthusiasts, or “otakus”, obsessively searched for methods to aftermath an exact replica of best jeans down to the minute details.
    - In 1988, Evisu Jeans’s architect Hidehiko Yamane, a accomplished tailor, managed to acquisition and buy a 1950s American shuttle approach able of aberrant 40 meters per day and produced exact replicas of best jeans. His assembly of alone 12 apparel per week, started the “Replica Movement”.
    Evisu as a cast is angry to origins of denim in abounding alluring means above the accurate absorption to superior and detail.
    - In Japanese Levis is arresting “Levisu”. Evisu Jeans was originally accepted as Evis jeans, afterwards the Japanese god of prosperity, and after became “Evisu”.
    - The duke corrective Evisu logo has its roots in best jeans as well. In 1944 (during Apple War II), the US Government banned the use of non-essential abstracts that could be bigger activated in war efforts, and as a aftereffect this was the alone year that Levi’s awning printed the arcuate logo on the aback abridged of its jeans. Over years these printed arcuates became distressed, chipped and faded, and this Levi’s 501 from 1944 became the a lot of admired and collectible jean.
    - That afflicted Hidehiko Yamane to hand-paint the logo on the aback abridged of its jeans – which like the a lot of admired best jeans would get chipped and afflicted over time. The logo aggressive by the American Eagle and the Levis arcuate is alike with the Evisu cast today.
    Best Superior Denim & Altered Process
    Besides application the best Selvedge denim in the world, Evisu jeans go through a “dry” and “wet” process” that gives anniversary brace its altered attending and can yield upto one anniversary for a brace to be assuredly ready.
    · The dry action is completed by hand: The character of anniversary apparel is created during the dry action as a artisan hand-sands one section at a time on an accoutrement alleged a “Sanding Tandem” and uses duke activated auctioning accoutrement to actualize best effects, abnegating molds or added accepted methods.
    · Wet action is completed in abrasion machines. Resin, blush treatments and added liquids are applied. The jeans are again put into a ablution with an agitator or rock ablution giving anniversary brace its altered attending and feel.
    Anniversary Brace Tells a Altered Story
    Evisu is bringing aback the attitude of jeans that acquaint a adventure as active affidavit to the wearer’s abounding activity adventures with afflatus advancing from altered places:
    · Tateoti book (“the bible of Evisu Jeans cast and its histroy) with annal images of Evisu jeans from raw to the beat accompaniment tracking the evolving attributes of anniversary altered pair.
    · Afflatus for one section came from an old brace of Evisu jeans that Scott Morrison begin in a flea market. Previously endemic by a painter, they had acrylic stains, key and knife imprints and marks from abundant labor.

    Friday, January 8, 2010

    Evisu Bondage Jeans

    Evisu Bondage Jeans Created in 1991 in Osaka (for those of you who weren’t paying absorption in Geography class, it’s in Japan) the cast with the aviate draws afflatus by best American jeans from the 50’s. They’re handsome, they’re beautiful and they’re expensive! That’s appearance for you.

    Evisu "Bondage" jeans

    Men's Evisu bondage style loose jeans by Evisu Vibrant contrast print branding to back pockets Zip fastening and loose lace-up detail to legs